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2D & 3D Animator | Character Designer | Illustrator


My name is Harisa Sheikh and I am a character designer, illustrator and character animator.

   What drew me to become an artist is that from a young age I have always had such a passion for animated films and making my own illustrations and character designs. I want my work to impact people in the same way art has impacted me. Art is a voice of its own and the way you express it can have multiple meanings. As an artist I am optimistic and I enjoy collaborating very much!

     Spirited Away is the first animated feature film - directed by Hayao Miyazaki that caught my attention. I wanted to know how the animators made the characters come to life in such a way that they did, and how the background illustrators were able to make the environment feel so real. In the future I would love to have my own studio and produce/ direct my own animated films.

     Being from an asian background where most of my family is working in the field of medicine and engineering, I had it difficult introducing my passion to my family-- but I have come so far with my work. I want to prove and be an inspiration to others just like me!

     Apart from art, I am an animal rights activist. I love nature and I have a strong background with animals as I wanted to be a veterinarian from such a young age. I worked as a kennel technician for over four years and studied oceanography in high school. I enjoy volunteering and I have been a part of many organizations such as -- Books for Africa, the Atlanta Humane Society, ASIFA South, Siggraph, Foundation for Hospital Art, and the Ronald McDonald House. I also love traveling! Growing up I moved around the states quite a bit. I have lived in California, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas and Georgia. I have been to Canada, UAE, India, China, and Japan. I can't wait to see where I'll be exploring next.






You can read more about me on my publication by VoyageATL magazine by clicking this button!

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