C O L L A B O R A T I O N S 

I really enjoy collaborating with different artists, because it helps me understand different concepts and way of looking at things. Every time I am working with a new artist, I learn about different cultures and approaches that are beneficial to me and my future work. I am always looking for an opportunity to work with new artists and I am always learn from them. 

 Lauren Anderson

     Lauren Anderson is an Atlanta based fashion designer from Temple, Georgia. She and I collaborated on her 2019 Senior Collection line called 'Mutation'.


     I had the honor to work with her on character designs and illustrations for her fashion designs. I also starred in her Fashion Film 'Take Me Out' Directed by Thang Ho (Emmy Winner for the Music Video 'Noah'.

     I also had the wonder opportunity to model on the runway for Lauren at the RAW Artists Showcase & Fashion Show. 


Patrick Foley

     Patrick Foley is a very talented artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Patrick is a Film graduate, he is self taught in 3d modeling on Cinema 4d. He has a burning passion for 3d which I am inspired by daily. More formerly known for his art page on instagram: @patrick_4d -- Patrick pays a lot of attention to detail and lighting which play a strong role in setting a mood for his art pieces. He is always tackling controversial topics which are both amusing and thought provoking. 


 I had the most wonderful opportunity collaborating with Patrick on a few works of art featured on his instagram page. He works very hard to bring my 2d work to life in his 3d environment. Collaborating with a 3d artist with my 2d work is a very interesting concept, and I am very pleased to have collaborated on these pieces with Patrick.


Alyees Qureshi

     Author of 'Masala Chai' and social media influencer Alyees Qureshi is an artist based in Jacksonville, Florida. Alyees aesthetic is very tumblr and instagram based. His works also include a strong influence of Desi culture (from which we are both very familiar with as we are both of Pakistani and Indian heritage). Alyees works hard to incorporate a hint of Desi "masala" into every piece of work, and while collaborating with him, I made sure to emphasize on the Desi influence.


Akshay Naik

     I had an amazing opportunity working with Akshay Naik. He is a strong cancer survivor and very talented sound designer based in Tampa, Florida. Akshay's work mostly consists of Lo-fi beats. When we collaborated we decided to go to  a more vintage (anime based) aesthetic. I was in charge of the loop animation. 

© Harisa Sheikh